Sept. 25, 2021

Matt Lionetti - The Secret To Growing Your Business Through Social Media

Matt Lionetti - The Secret To Growing Your Business Through Social Media
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From selling sunglasses in the mall to selling million dollar homes with The Agency, Matt Lionetti has become an industry sensation by pushing the boundaries on real estate marketing.

Matt’s hilarious Instagramvideos made him stand out and attracted clients who wanted to work with someone they felt they already knew. As the skits started to become more and more popular, Matt continued to double down on his strategy and began posting funny music videos of popular songs to promote his listings and business. One of his most popular videos is Stan, a parody of the Eminem song where he portrays a desperate real estate agent who gets “ghosted” by a client.

Matt’s brilliant marketing caught the eyes of real estate celebrities including Ryan Serhant, Jordan Cohen, and The Broke Agent, who he has recently partnered with in producing the Over Ask Podcast. The podcast has gained tremendous popularity as the comedic duo hosts casual conversations with real estate titans including Maya Vander of Selling Sunset, Mauricio Umansky of The Agency, and Jason Pantana of Tom Ferry coaching. Not only has Matt’s content improved his real estate business, but it has recently landed him speaking roles at brokerages and conferences, including the Dippidi Deep Dive 2021 alongside Gary Vaynerchuck.

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