Guest Recording Session



GAIN THE PASSION utilizes a virtual recording studio hosted through Riverside for the recording session. Each session is recorded in both video and audio formats with separate audio and video channels for each participant. The audio footage will be used for your podcast episode, GAIN THE PASSIONwebsite and social media posts & advertising. The video footage may be used for social media posts & advertising, and YouTube.

Before you join the virtual recording studio, please review the following information to ensure a seamless recording experience:

  1. The virtual recording studio will only function withGoogle Chrome on a laptop or desktop computer.Do not use Google Chrome in an Incognito window and avoid using any other web browser while in the virtual recording studio. The virtual recording studio does not support iPhone or Android devices, including tablets and smartphones. Please click on the following link to ensure that you have the most recent update for Google Chrome.
  2. Check your internet stability.Ethernet cable connections are preferred over Wi-Fi. If you are experiencing Wi-Fi issues, it is advised that you use your mobile device as a Wi-Fi hotspot for your computer.
  3. Close all tabs, programs and applications that are not completely necessary for your recording session.This prevents CPU overload and allocates all of your computer's processing to both your microphone and camera. Additionally, this improves your internet connection by giving the virtual recording studio platform the majority of your internet bandwidth and prevents disruptions caused by bad internet connections. The recording session of your audio and video is recorded locally on your computer. Locally recorded means that the recording of your audio and video files takes place on your computer. It is recommended that you have a minimum 5GB of space on your computer's local hard drive. During the recording session, the locally recorded audio and video files are continuously uploaded and are automatically saved to a cloud based server which then are downloaded to the host platform.
  4. Use wired or wireless headphones or earbuds connected to your computer.Headphones or earbuds not only allow you to hear more clearly, they also keep your environment quiet. This will eliminate any feedback or echoes. Without headphones or earbuds, noise will be played out of your speakers and picked up by your microphone. This is called “audio bleed”. Wearing headphones will avoid this, and will make your audio much clearer.
  5. Use an external USB or XLR connected microphone, if possible.The majority of computer built-in microphones detect all sound, including background noise, which will negatively affect the quality of your audio. The microphone in your earbuds or headphones will be sufficient if you do not have an external microphone. If you're using an external USB microphone with a built-in 3.5mm audio input for headphones, connect your headphones to your computer, do not plug them into the microphone. 
  6. Ensure that your external USB webcam or built-in computer camera is turned on and functioning correctly.Mobile devices with built-in cameras cannot be used.
  7. Please have adequate lighting.Good lighting is very important to achieve a high quality video recording. A low light environment can introduce noise or grain into your video. Bright diffused light will drastically improve the quality of your recording. This can be done by sitting closer to a window, or setting up a lamp nearby. Avoid any bright light behind you, including natural light, to prevent a silhouette effect.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via email at

Thank you once again for choosing to be an upcoming podcast guest on GAIN THE PASSION!

Todd Foster, Alyssa Stanley and Kelley Skar